Links to other bike club’s Facebook Groups and Pages

Facebook groups are fast becoming a popular way of advertising club rallies and events.Below is a list of bike club’s and the links to their Facebook group.

(Some of the groups are closed groups. You will have to ask the group administrator for permission to join)

Facebook Groups

Margam Knights MCC Patch

Margam Knight MCC

Celtaidd MCC SIR GAR Patch

Celtaidd MCC Sir Gar

Y-Dematae West Glam Patch

Y-Demetae West Glam

Scorpions MCC Pembrokeshire Patch

Scorpions MCC Pembrokeshire

Welsh Coast MCC Patch

Welsh Coast MCC

Aberdare Motorbike Club Patch

Aberdare Motorbike Club

Taffia MCC Patch

Taffia MCC

Rusty Sprocket MCC Patch

Rusty Sprocket MCC

Pontypridd and District MCC Patch

Pontypridd & District MCC

Harley Davidson Club Wales Patch

Harley Davidson Club Wales

Facebook Pages

Heart of the Dragon MCC Patch

Heart of the Dragon MCC

Grinning Idiots MCC patch

Grinning Idiots MCC

Hen Glowyr MCC Patch

Hen Glowyr MCC