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  2. itchy says:

    lookin forward to seein some old freinds agen at the rally

  3. Sandra & Phil says:

    I wondered how you waz going to keep yourself busy while you were laid up Si! You’ve done a brilliant job here, well done!
    Wild Child x

  4. slug says:

    Looking to catch up with old friends from silurians mcc.heard dicer was riding with you

  5. gary says:

    hi there guys n gals very old triker from ponty/p went abroad many moons ago (been in hospital to often for my likeing) feeling i might like to try to make a trip from Bulgaria (where i now live) to the old country somewhere about early july yeah bring my old Reliant horse with me like to meet up with you guys (if its no problem for you?) will leave it there for now Gary.

  6. clive says:

    thanks guys for being so friendly thurs night in Ireland (and the tea)…..much appreciated