Club History

Eye of Ra MCC started in October 2006. The founder members had all been in other bike clubs previously but felt that they wanted something they could call their own. So it seemed right to get cracking on starting a new club.

We had a bit of trouble deciding on a name for the club – as you do. Dilligaf MCC was looking popular for a while, and the patch itself started out life as a bit of a silver swirl with not much going on within it.  One of the people involved back then drew a new version of the patch with an eyeball design going on. Another member adapted that into an eyeball inside a pyramid – which was nicked from the design on the Harley Sportster tank in the TV series “Then Came Bronson,” – which was compulsive viewing back in about 1976 – when some of our members were still fairly youngish.

The design on Bronson’s Harley is called the Eye of Providence. However another of our members swiftly converted that into the Eye of Ra – a symbol from ancient Egyptian mythology.  The club name then sort of happened by default, once the patch design had gained popularity with the members.

Friendships have grown over time and members have developed a long list of past times they enjoy with each other, most involving drinking and partying and of course attending rallies and going on ride-outs. Our members have ridden to various rallies in Europe and have been to Daytona a number of times.